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Those seeking entertainment are urged to book as far in advance as possible. Most dates should be booked MONTHS in advance to ensure availability and proper time to advertise. While this is not always possible it is highly encouraged. Summer dates are typically booked by end of winter. Fall / Winter dates are typically booked by end of summer. Always reach out to confirm availability. The worst thing to do is assume we're not available. Should you have a music emergency such as a last minute event or cancelation please check with us immediately.


Drew Allan Music will make every effort to stay in communication and respond in a timely manner. 

You can book by clicking the BOOK NOW! button found on every page. This will open your email and get you started in the booking process. Please include any and all details about your event along with exact dates and times. During this process we will go over your needs and define requirements such as pricing.


Because every situation is unique Drew Allan Music does not work off of a " FIXED RATE " system.


So called rates vary dramatically depending on budgets and the specific needs of the client. Other factors include but are not limited to travel time, day of the week and whether we are to provide our own sound equipment. This approach to pricing allows us to be fair and flexible with a multitude of scenarios. NO PRICE is set in stone. We will always work to come up with something that makes sense to you financially. 

You can also book by submitting the form below. Or text / call 24 hours a day 7 days a week: 614-657-7321

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