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Drew bought his first guitar at age 11 in the Philippines. The 38 year old self taught guitar player, vocalist and proud Buckeye has been obsessed with music since a child. With no plan B in sight the entertainer has spread his wings far beyond the borders of Ohio and even the country. A now proud “ American Idol Reject “ Drew tried out for the show at the height of its popularity in 2004. The tryout’s held at Cleveland Browns stadium would inspire the young hopeful to take music to the next level. Carrie Underwood would go on to win the show that season. Roughly two years later Drew’s songwriting and unique approach to music landed him a major record deal with Sony Music. After reading the contract beyond the dollar signs the artist declined the offer stating he just wanted to be a “ regular person. “ For many reasons the performer feels his decision has paid off in spades. One pay off came two years later in 2008 when he met world class saxophone player Mr. A.C Collins. The two musicians collided at an open mic hosted by Fat’s Bar & Billiards in Dublin Ohio. The rest is history. Thousands of shows later their 12 years of chemistry and friendship is a joy to witness on stage. With close to 100 years of combined experience the DUO is breaking rules in a positive way. The end result is a product properly aged, seasoned and truly one of a kind. 


Listeners frequently describe their sound as refreshing and much larger than just two people. Drew describes it as a sound that must be earned. Fast forward to 2020 and you end up with the best version of THE Drew Allan DUO yet. The award winning DUO continue to make new friends by sharing their passion around the great state of Ohio. Drew specializes in what he refers to as “ Music Restoration. “ He has a unique ability to take songs from the past regardless of genre, songs often dear to your heart and make them his very own. A.C comes along with his sax and adds the wrapping paper. The man who once blew horn for “ The Godfather Of Soul James Brown “ will take you to another dimension with his skillset. In a rapidly changing world Drew has found classic music to be an important tool for taking people back to better times. He recognizes that offering an escape through music is great therapy. It’s the kind of therapy that audiences stick around for.


Ultimately whether it’s Drew SOLO, or THE Drew Allan DUO, or THE Drew Allan BAND… you’re going to feel something while having a great time!

A Message From Drew Allan...

Hey! Drew Allan here... I want to first thank everyone for believing in my potential over the years. With just my voice and guitar I've been able to brighten the day of thousands from around the world. Music has taken me places I thought I'd never see. From the age of 4 I've ALWAYS known what I was going to do. I just had no clue how to do it... and I still don't! LOL. What I do know is I couldn't do it without you. A huge THANKS for allowing me to share my love for music. While I claim no stake in the glory days of the past I can confirm through years of dedication that Drew Allan Music is THE FUTURE of entertainment in Central Ohio and beyond. " Next Man Up... " 


As an 80's baby I'm at battle with a new world that seeks to bury the songs and traditions of the past. I take what I call " Music Preservation " very seriously. Along with myself and others I vow to make sure the

" GOOD STUFF " is never gone. I can't guarantee what will happen over the next 40 years. However I can predict with certainty that we will go down swinging to preserve the music we all know and love. I look forward to entertaining you in the very near future!


Drew Allan - Singer Songwriter / Guitar Player / Entertainer


1986  -  4 year old drew in his my buddy t-shirt playing air guitar

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